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Dredge Machinery can repair, service and carry out registration inspections on your caravan, campertrailer, trailers, motorhomes and horse floats.

For Caravan repairs, servicing and regular maintenance of your Caravan, call Dredge Machinery now or make a service appointment online!

Caravan Service by Dredge Machinery in Griffith NSW 2680

Touring Caravan Repairs

To ensure your touring caravan is in the safest condition have your regular maintenance service carried out by a professional mechanic. Dredge Machinery provides professional servicing for your caravan including
• caravan servicing
• wheel bearing service and adjustment
• caravan registrations and blueslips        
• battery replacement
• battery to vehicle wiring including custom battery fitment and plug fit out            
• electrical and appliance testing

caravan repairs at Dredge Machinery in Griffith NSW car service

Since lack of use causes its own problems, leisure vehicles should be serviced on an annual basis - even if your touring caravan is used only a couple of times a year. Fluids deplete, dust collects and fixtures deteriorate - vehicles need to be checked before entrusting them with your family and valuables. Better be safe than sorry, so call Dredge Machinery now and book in your caravan!

Caravan Repairs by Dredge Machinery in Griffith NSW 2680 caravan service in Griffith car service Dredge Machinery

Non-covered outback roads frequented by caravans and trailers can adversely affect tyres, suspension, body and fittings. If you plan on long and regular touring, especially on not well surfaced roads, please consider more than one service per year. When you book you caravan in for a service we will check your caravan according to a service check list.

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Keep your holiday enjoyable and stress-free - inspect and fix your Caravan at Dredge Machinery in Griffith NSW! 

Caravan Maintenance by Dredge Machinery in Griffith NSW 2680

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